Summer Host/Hostess Gift Ideas

It's that time of year!  School is out, pools are open and grills are firing up.  I'm pretty sure, like me, you have been invited to a summer soiree or two.  Should you bring a host/hostess gift?  I took some time to find out what the etiquette behind this was and I'll boil it down for you.  Gifts are never required, but are a great way to show your appreciation for being invited over to someone's home for a party.  

They don't have to be expensive.  Try to pick thoughtful gifts that relate to the type of event you are heading to.  Want to bring something fun and memorable to your next party?  I've found a few cute ideas that are sure to go over well.

Of course, a nice bottle of wine is always a great idea for your friends/family who enjoy a nice vintage.  Anything over $20 are usually considered the better wines.  Take into consideration if they are red or white wine drinkers.  If you aren't sure what to select, ask the shop owner if they have any suggestions.  Not wine drinkers?  Perhaps consider magnetic glass charms(which can be used on cocktail glasses), cute coasters or reusable ice cubes.  

Does your host/ess love grilling?  If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, and have a good sized spice cabinet, you could consider making some homemade meat rubs or seasoning blends.  Just be sure to put them in air tight containers such as mason or tin jars so they stay fresh for longer.  Add a cute label and you have a perfect gift they can use all summer long.  For recipe ideas, a quick google search for "DIY Spice Rubs" will bring up many many options.  My favorite?  Anything that includes brown sugar!  Not quite comfortable with DIY, but still want a thoughtful gift for a griller?  Use a bit of raffia or twine to tie together a cedar grilling plank, a fish spatula and a sprig of thyme or rosemary for a simple but thoughtful gift. 

I'd love to hear your suggestions too.  What gift ideas have you used in the past?  Feel free to comment below.